Best Pakistani Batsmen of All Time

The most exceptional batsmen have certainly gained a lot of praise and respect from fans throughout the world for their skill, technique, and ability to execute under pressure. In Pakistan nowadays, good batters are frequently hard to come by. The nation prefers to initially advance the pantheon of swift bowling skill. However, Pakistan has previously had some outstanding hitters as seen in yesterday cricket match highlights who have contributed to the team’s victories in competitions and bilateral series. Based on their propensity for winning matches, consistency, and research, they are rated. The purpose of this article is to examine and evaluate some of the contributions and accomplishments of best Pakistani batsmen of all time.

Hanif Mohammad:

Hanif Mohammad, a.k.a. “Little Master,” also known as Hanif, is one of Pakistan’s top hitters. Hanif had a reputation for being a master of approach, incredibly patient, and also capable of keeping himself busy for long stretches of time. The longest Test cricket innings have all been played by him, including his historic 337 runs against the West Indies in 1958, that lasted more than 16 hours, still stand. Future generations are going to be judged on the contributions Hanif Mohammad made to Pakistani cricket.

Javed Miandad:

Miandad had excellent batting prowess and was adept at managing difficult circumstances. In both Test and One-Day International (ODI) games in cricket live video app, he batted a game-winning innings. One of his most enduring performances was the last-ball six he hit versus India in the 1986 Austral-Asia Cup final, resulting in Pakistan a dramatic win. Miandad earned his spot among the all-time greats because to his zeal, tenacity, and capacity to adjust to various match situations.

Zaheer Abbas:

In the 1970s and 1980s, Zaheer Abbas, was a popular batsman. His elegant strokeplay and perfect timing dazzled cricket fans all over the world. With 12 hundreds under his belt, Zaheer owns the mark for the most centuries by a Pakistani player in a Test match. He was an absolute pro in every format of the game because to his exceptional hand-eye coordination & faultless technique. Zaheer Abbas served as an inspiration for young players and was a great representative of Pakistani cricket. Zaheer Abbas was a productive batter for Pakistan, particularly in ODI cricket, and is perhaps most remembered for playing with eyewear on. In Test and ODI cricket, he averaged 45 and 48, compiling over 5000 and 2500 runs in the two forms, respectively. When in high form, Abbas was a sight to behold. He was a superb timer for the ball, as opposed to a batter, unlike many batsmen of today. In the 1970s, he became frequently seen for Pakistan, with a backlift similar to Lara’s, but less apparent. Between 1969 and 1985, he played 78 Tests and 62 ODIs for the nation he represented, representing it throughout.


Particularly in limited-overs cricket, Inzamam’s ability to dominate bowling assaults was astounding. He was regarded as a “big-match player” for his cool and collected demeanour under pressure. With his remarkable effort of 329 against New Zealand in 2002, the highest score ever recorded by a Pakistani batsman in Test cricket, Inzamam generated multiple game-winning innings. He is regarded as a famous player and his influence on Pakistani cricket is clear.

Inzamam-ul-Haq’s batting style may best be summed up as lazy grace. His best performance was in the semi-final of the 1992 Cricket World Cup, when he quickly struck a half-century versus New Zealand to advance Pakistan. Pakistan’s World Cup victory was secured when they defeated England in the championship game, and Inzi’s performance was crucial.

He was the team’s most trustworthy Pakistani batsman between 1991 and 2007. He could have fared better with the bat and scored more runs if it weren’t for stupid run outs. Inzamam amassed over 8000 runs at a batting average of 50 in 120 Test innings. He amassed over 11,000 runs at a batting average of 40 in 378 ODIs.

Younis Khan:

One of the greatest players of Pakistani cricket in the contemporary era, Younis Khan was renowned for his tenacity, mental fortitude, and flawless technique. He participated in matches from the early 2000s up until 2017, scoring a tonne of runs in Test games. With 34 hundreds to his name, Younis now owns the record for the greatest number of centuries by a Pakistani in Test cricket. He was a crucial member of the squad because of his capacity to bat for extended stretches and withstand stress. The leadership abilities of Younis Khan and his crucial part in leading Pakistan to their first-ever ICC World T20 championship. Younus Khan is a batsman of the present-day eminence. The sweep stroke against spinners was his go-to move.

Younis Khan, one of the greatest cricketers to represent Pakistan in modern times, was known for his perseverance, mental toughness, and faultless technique. From the beginning of the 2000s till 2017, he played in games, making a lot of runs in Test matches. Younis has 34 centuries to his name, which puts him in the record books for most hundreds by a Pakistani in Test cricket. Because of his ability to bat for lengthy durations and under pressure, he was an essential component of the team. The leadership abilities of Younis Khan and his significant role in guiding Pakistan to their first-ever ICC World T20 title. A batsman of current repute is Younis Khan. He usually employs the sweep stroke when playing spinners.

Mohammad Yousuf

Mohammad Yousuf, a very trendy batsman for Pakistan in the 2000s, experienced several streaks of great play during his career. Perhaps the finest example occurred in 2006. Yousuf set a record for any player to this day by scoring 9 centuries in a single season. It’s something to sneeze at to complete 1800 runs in a single year.

He was highly comfortable against both seam and swing bowling, unlike the majority of subcontinent hitters. Yousuf batted above 50 in Test cricket in both England and New Zealand. Additionally, he averaged 42 runs per outing while scoring around 10,000 runs in ODIs.

These cricket players deserve a lot of respect because of their skill, grit, and constant dedication to the game. They are blessed with a special talent for energising the crowd with their elegant strokeplay & creative strokes. Whether it was Zaheer Abbas’ graceful cover drive, Shahid Afridi’s aggressive power hitting, or Misbah-ul-Haq’s flawless technique, Pakistani cricketers have displayed their distinct skills, captivating onlookers.

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